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Rhea Nasta
Head Designer
Rhea's Studio

Rhea Nasta, is the Head Designer of RHEA'S STUDIO - POPLEY'S JEWELLERY DESIGN WORKSHOP, which is an offspring of the POPLEY GROUP. It was launched seventeen years ago. The name POPLEY is synonymous with India for over 85 years. Rhea has conducted workshop of jewellery designing with "World Gold Council Dubai" .

It aims at creating innovative designs & fabricating them at our in-house manufacturing units. The whole process is supervised meticulously to produce a fine quality finished product. New styles & textures are experimented with. An important feature of the Design Studio is to design & fabricate "Custom- made" jewellery of any range to suit your interest.

This is conducted "By appointment only". Prior to actual meeting, an outline of tastes, age, budget, etc. of the prospective customer is made. This enables us to prepare ideas & sketches in advance. A Certificate of Originality is given to assure you that we will not repeat your design.

The years of trust and customer satisfaction of Popley Group in itself is an indicator of the credibility of the courses at Rhea's Studio. Mumbai Diamond Merchants' Association (MDMA) started its first designing class in association with Rhea Nasta. She has also been the course coordinator for Mumbai Diamond Merchants' Association.

Providing Educational programmes in Jewellery

Sky is the limit and imagination has no bound in the ever growing jewellery industry. The gem and jewellery industry is one of the most creative industries in the world. The jewellery trade offers tremendous growth potential and exceptional career opportunities for everyone and given the proper training and experience, there is no limit to what you can achieve. To meet these needs of the most creative industry, Rhea's Studio offers educational programmes in jewellery, converting passion into professionalism of the young and aspiring. Catering to the demands of this dynamic industry and the need for world class standards, these educational programmes are a gateway to success.









These courses are conducted at the exclusive jewellery design studios at Bandra & Opera House, Mumbai. The teaching mode includes theoretical knowledge complemented with visual aids and practical execution e.g. Exposure to the works of great designers and contemporary trends, visit to factory sites, participation in contests, exhibitions, seminars and a number of other activities. These programmes are conducted in small batches to provide personalized attention and a friendly atmosphere to motivate students to work better and with diligence. With no prerequisites the studio provides equal chance for all. Anyone with fervor for the field can join any of the courses. One can choose the location of the course to suit one's convenience.



All courses are designed keeping in view vital contents. Like the manufacturing programme includes various types of jewellery making techniques and setting styles. The grading courses includes pricing along with identification. From beginning to end every minor detail is taken care of, whether it be the content or the teaching style. Thus, they make a jeweller out of a novice with a clear picture of the real market situations. A certificate is granted on successful completion of the course, bearing a seal of Popley. The name POPLEY is synonymous with Indian jewellery since 84 years, therefore its seal on our course certificate definitely carries weightage.


An ace designer with a vision to foresee trends, Rhea Nasta daughter of Laxman Popley strives hard with each student to make a designer out of them. A winner of multiple awards and accolades like the Tahiti Pearl Trophy 2001-02 first prize for male jewelIery & runners up for bracelets and Forum's Award for the Best Gemologist 2001-02, she conducts these programmes with her team of qualified experts.





Besides her experience in the field for the past ten years in which she has taught more than 1000 students, Rhea Nasta has commendable educational background. She completed her Gemmology Diploma from GII, Counter Sketching course from Gemmological Institute of America and Jewellery Designing Workshop with DeCTA of London with educational merit. Rhea Nasta targets a high standard of work in her classes. Besides satisfying clients with her ability to create exceptional customized designs, this pretty, young woman inspires students with her knack and passion for designing and teaching. She says her mission is to "Fill the vacuum in the educational field of the Jewellery sector."


Workshops are conducted in the following courses :

     Jewellery Designing (Regular)

     Jewellery Designing (Professional)

    Industrial Utility Design

     Diamond Grading & Assortment Programme

    Professional Gemmology Programme

     Costume Jewellery Making

    Designing on Computers